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Get to Know the School 21 Solution

With each course, School 21 divides the content into bite-sized “concepts” that align to standards. Per CCSS guidelines, School 21 emphasizes major standards more than supporting/additional standards (i.e., not all standards are treated equally).

“I really like School 21. It helps me understand topics more.”

--Middle School Student

“We ask students to do 1/2 hour of School 21 a night for homework. Instead they do 2 hours. You guys rock!”

--Middle School Teacher

“With School 21, we are now able to teach Algebra essentially without a textbook, which is pretty cool!”

--High School Principal

“I LOVE using your site as an assessment tool for my kids!”

--Middle School Teacher

“My son tested into Geometry today thanks to School 21 (which he used exclusively to prepare for the exam). We cannot thank you enough!”


“I love this website. It’s improving my math skills and helping me a lot in school. I use this website every day.”

--Middle School Student