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What do my students and I need to access School 21?
You and your students will need devices (computers, laptops, tablets, etc.) that can connect to the Internet. School 21 is a browser-based solution, which means that any Internet-connected device can access School 21 by opening a browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari) and going to
Do I need to install an app, or any other software, to use School 21?
No, there is no need to install apps or download any software to use School 21. Just open your browser and go to to get started.
What devices work with School 21?
School 21 is tested on laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and Android tablets. Teachers have also reported successfully using School 21 with iPod Touches and smartphones.
What browsers work with School 21?
School 21 is tested on recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Using other browsers, or older versions, may result in some change in appearance and functionality.
How much bandwidth does School 21 need?
With most of the activity students will be doing on School 21, a relatively small amount of bandwidth is required. However, because streaming video is occasionally used by students on School 21, there may be instances where more bandwidth is needed. We recommend contacting your site technical administrator if you encounter slowness or other problems when using School 21.
What do I do if I encounter technical issues when using School 21?
In most cases when teachers and students encounter technical issues (such as slow performance), the cause is the school network's lack of capacity in wifi connectivity or bandwidth out to the Internet. To solve your problem most quickly, we recommend contacting your site technical administrator to resolve these types of problems. You can also always contact School 21 Support if you need help from us.

Getting Started with School 21

How do I get started with School 21?
Your School 21 Representative can walk you through the steps to get you started with School 21. Fill out this form so we can connect you with the School 21 Representative for your area.
Can I pilot School 21 for free?
Yes! School 21 offers free pilots for a limited number of a students and a limited amount of time. Contact your School 21 Representative to learn more.
Is School 21 easy to set up and use?
Absolutely! You can set up a new class in a matter of minutes on School 21, and full-school setup takes just a few days.
Do I need special training to use School 21?
School 21 is intuitive and easy to use, so most teachers use School 21 without any training. However, we are happy to conduct a training session for you--just contact School 21 Support to schedule a time.
Can I begin using School 21 at any time during the year?
Yes, we can set you up to start using School 21 at any time during the calendar year.
How much does School 21 cost?
Schools buy site licenses for their teachers and students to use School 21. Contact your School 21 Representative, who can walk you through how much a School 21 site license will cost for your school.

Teaching with School 21

Our school is moving to 1:1 computing--is School 21 a good fit for our needs?
Absolutely! School 21 is a great solution for schools with 1:1 computing. As the principal of one such School 21 school said, "Because of School 21, we now teach Algebra without a textbook, which is pretty cool!"
My students only have occasional access to computers--can I still use School 21?
Yes, many teachers without 1:1 computing use School 21 effectively with their students. Whether it's periodic reinforcement when the class has access to the computer lab, or a rotational model when a classroom has computers for only a subset of students, School 21 is a great solution for students to learn and make progress.
Can I use School 21 to help students prepare for the Smarter Balanced (SBAC), PARCC and other state tests?
Absolutely. Because School 21 includes SBAC and PARCC item types, students will gain fluency in computer test-taking while using School 21. That way, they can more accurately show their mastery of Standards without being "tripped up" by the tests themselves. And, of course, School 21 covers every standard, emphasizing conceptual understanding, application and procedural fluency, to enable students to demonstrate their capability on the exams.
How should I use School 21 in my classroom?
Teachers use School 21 in a variety of ways, depending on their students' access to technology, the learning needs of their students, and their personal teaching styles. Some classroom models are: Full Class and "Float" (in which the teacher guides a full class discussion on a concept, and then "floats" around helping students while they work on School 21); Centers Rotation (in which most students work on School 21, while the teacher works with small groups on a scheduled rotation); Small Group Intervention (in which the teacher uses School 21 Teacher Reports to identify student needs, and then works with small groups of students with similar needs, while the rest of the class works on School 21); and Occasional Access (in which teachers use School 21 for test preparation, review, or exploration of specific concepts, when the class has access to computers). If you would like more information about these models, contact School 21 Support.
Does School 21 allow me to see my students' progress?
Yes, School 21's Teacher Reports show you detailed information about each student's capability in your course's concepts. Teacher Reports also display extensive information about your students' activity levels and achievements on School 21.
Are School 21 Teacher Reports "real time?"
Yes. When you view Teacher Reports, they include all student data up to the point you launch the report. Our Instant Updates reports also give you just-in-time information about which students need help and what students are achieving in the moement.
Does School 21 alert me when a student needs help?
Yes, School 21's Instant Updates will let you know when a student is struggling or asking for your help. With Instant Updates, you can manage a classroom of students on devices, helping each student as he needs assistance.

How do I ...

...add students to my class?
Just have students go to and click Sign In / Sign Up in the upper right. Existing students then sign in on the right, and new students register and sign in on the left. Once signed in, the student will simply enroll in your class using your last name and a class code you give her, and have instant access to School 21. a student who has forgotten his username or password?
Just sign and go to your Teacher Report for the class. Under the Administer Class option, you can see each student's username. You can also reset the password right there for the student, so he can continue immediately on School 21.
...delete a student who is no longer in my class?
Sign in and go to your Teacher Report for the class. Under the Administer Class option, click Unenroll for the student you want to remove from the class. (You can also re-enroll the student later if needed).
...create a new class?
Simply sign in and click the Create a New Class link. After filling out a brief form, your class is instantly created and students can enroll in it.